segunda-feira, julho 23, 2007

Jeff Tweedy e a parte mais importante do Conan

Ontem, no New York Times (não vai durar muito tempo, mas é muito boa)), publicaram uma lista de discos recentes dos quais o Jeff Tweedy gosta. Entre eles, Grizzly Bear e Battles. É estranho pensar que deixei os Grizzly Bear a meio para ver os Wilco e que perdi o início dos Battles para ver o fim dos Wilco no Primavera Sound. Dr. Dog, Grizzly Bear, Battles, A Hawk and a Hacksaw e Panda Bear (não é assim tão difícil saber coisas sobre os Animal Collective, Sr. Tweedy). E há esta frase: "I’m probably the only person that wanted to be a rock critic and failed at it and started a band." E que banda. E isto não vinha na biografia dos Wilco que eu comprei e li. Que desperdício de tempo.
A parte mais importante da tal entrevista do Conan é esta:

But the great thing about The Simpsons for me personally is that for the last 14 years of doing my show, I've been working hard on this comedy, but it's pretty disposable. I could light my arms on fire on the show tonight and you might see it for a couple of days on YouTube, but then it's gone.

I'm constantly, no matter where I go in the world, running into people who know which episodes of The Simpsons I worked on, and they're quoting lines to me. I think long after my Late Night show is gone, I feel like the Simpsons episodes I worked on will always be in the ether. People will be watching them on some space station, like, 200 years from now. That's a nice feeling. It's always gonna be there. It's something I'm really proud of. I'm always going to be connected to these people, and every couple of years I'll get to talk about it, and think about it, and it's fantastic.

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